The Company

The company


With more than sixty years experience in the car industry, JBK Engineering is the evolution of Charalampos Konstantinidis activities in the vehicle business. We are a company that innovates both technically and technologically, and at the same time provides high level services to the Land Rover - Range Rover owners. Dedicated and specialised for more than two decades in that brand, we have today the most reliable and specialised support team for Land Rover - Range Rover vehicles in Greece. Our everyday goal always remains, the high quality services we offer to our clients.


We innovate with our designs and the application of advanced engineering solutions in Land Rover - Range Rover upgrades. We diversify with the Dream Projects in which both our engineering knowledge and our artistic skills are combined to create globally unique vehicles.

Our facilities are in a 7 level privatly owned building, which has been designed and constructed by us to suit our needs. They include a full range of mechanical and electronic equipment that is needed to service, repair and rebuild Land Rover - Range Rover vehicles.